Punchies. is a new Portuguese brand that wants to give children superpowers.

Punchies. Perfume Peppy-Dreamy

Punchies. was carefully thought out and created by two friends, mothers and businesswomen, who are part of the new wave of Portuguese entrepreneurs, with different, creative and quality brands.

1 aroma can take us to a happy memory and that's why Punchies. created 3 , resistant to all daily adventures – and we know there are several – that will adapt to every child's personality – BOLDY , DREAMY or PEPPY .

Punchies stickers

To a unique and long-lasting product, we combined an incredible and fully customizable bottle with stickers for every fragrance. Have you seen our starry sky, our little green friends or the pink explosions?

Parents will want to use it, kids will stick with it and they'll even want to play with the packaging! And at the end of the day, we want everyone to be Punchies.

Our Team

Joana Rodrigues dos Santos
Co-Founder & Creative Director & Team Boldy

Sílvia Gomes
Co-Founder & Communication Director & Team Dreamy

They're both Team Peppy!